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The Deep Dark Web


The Deep Dark Web

The surface web is that part on the internet, which is indexed by search engines such as Google and Yahoo. It contains a huge variety of material including news, social media and e-commerce websites, corporate sites, discussion forums, and blogs.

The deep web, is the area of the internet that are inaccessible by search engines. The crawlers that search engines use to trawl the web, hopping from link to link and indexing examples of search terms, cannot get access to sites as they are restricted by a password or identification process. This inaccessibility is exploited by hackers: they direct each other to restricted or temporary sites (which disappear after a set amount of time) to share information within a selected group.

The dark web or the dark net is a layer of the deep web. In order to reach it, users have to use applications that also allow them to surf anonymously, such as Tor, I2P, and Freenet. If you are connected to the dark net, everything is done behind a cloak of anonymity.

Deep web

Dark web

1) The database, a web service for any dynamic site. 1) Highly advanced encrypted network available only for tor clients and servers.
2) When you are in the Facebook account, then you are in the deep web. 3) Dark web is accessed only through tor browser, which is used to sell illegal products and download pirated software.
3) Not indexed by search engines to ensure security. 3) Not indexed by search engines because of encrypted code.
4) Huge size. 4) Smaller size, but growing lot in these days.
5) Cannot be accessed by tor browser. 6) It is accessed only by tor network.

Inevitably, both the D web and the unknown (The Dark Matter) are safe haven for hackers and are marketplaces used by criminals for selling illegal merchandise such as leaked credit card and personal data, cyber-attack tools, guns, and drugs.

For companies wondering how they can protect themselves against the threat of having valuable private data stolen, there are two lines of defense. The first is to have a comprehensive cyber security strategy. Having the right cyber security strategy in place makes it very hard for hackers to penetrate the system in the first place, and if a company is hacked, it minimizes the damage and reduces the information accessible to the hacker. It also shortens the time it takes to detect that the system has been hacked, and knowing as soon as possible is the best way to shut down leaks and stop them spreading.

This is where our security expert can help your organization mitigate the risk and help you achieve a level of security to have a peace of mind.

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