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Dark Matter Of The Internet

Dark Matter Of The Internet

Dark Matter
Hubble Space Telescope composite image shows a ghostly “ring” of dark matter in the galaxy cluster Cl 0024+17.

The Matter which is not visible is “The Unknown“. In early 1930s Fritz Zwicky, an astronomer stumbled across the gravitational effects of dark matter while studying how galaxies move within the Coma Cluster. He reasoned that the Coma Cluster must contain a large amount of matter not accounted for by the light of the stars. He called it “dark matter.”

In around 1960 Vera Rubin had discovered dark matter. Her measurements have now been repeated on over a thousand galaxies and the results are all the same. Dark matter—whatever it is—seems to comprise most of the mass of the universe.

We became astronomers thinking we were studying the universe,” Rubin said, “and now we learn that we are just studying the 5 or 10 percent that is luminous.

90% of the universe is made of dark matter—hard to see, but so forceful that it seems to move every star, planet, and galaxy in the cosmos.
Similarly 90% of the Internet is made up of dark matter too—hard for institutions to see, but so forceful that it seems to move humanity itself, The Deep Dark Web.

Mitigating the Risk

Many organizations are open to vulnerabilities across embedded devices because, default passwords, outdated software, and in some cases backdoor accounts and static encryption keys. Some common, largely ineffective ways that these security threats are being addressed:

  • Some manufacturers publish these default passwords and recommend customers change these defaults FIRST – many customers do not pay heed this advice.
  • Industry forums suggest not to leave the Remote Management directly exposed to the internet.
  • Many use ACLs in their routers to prevent unauthorized IPs from accessing the internet.
  • Others put the Baseline Management Controllers on a private IP block so this is less of an issue.
  • Customers may restrict IPMI traffic to trusted internal networks such as a management VLAN segment with string network controls, use strong, unique passwords and encrypt traffic.
  • Some companies also have LDAP, PAM solutions, password vaults and jump servers.

The challenge for all of these methods is that, they don’t solve the real problem of protecting the servers on the management network.

Dark Matter will always be posing network security threats so it needs to be addressed. DarkZero help you to understand to improve overall visibility, security, and compliance. Real-time trend analysis enables quick response to incidents and attacks.

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