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Facilities Management Services

DarkZero’s Facility Maintenance services are designed to help you focus on your business, while we take care of your IT. Our FMS based on SLA model and are aimed for high availability including Management of Server, Desktop, Network, Application Support, IT Helpdesk, Vendor, Asset and AMC.

Facility Management Our Service

End-to-End System Integration

Our specialists provide end-to-end system integration IT services such as structured cabling, power conditioning, blade center and rack server hardware integration, entire range of desktop, notebook and peripheral installation, operating system (OS), network support, project management and business continuity planning.

System Integration Our Service

Consulting and Professional Services

Our professional experts with planning, design and deployment services help customers to achieve simplified operation, increased utilization and overall performances of entire IT infrastructure. The key to design an appropriate solution is to understand the exact pain area of your organization.

Consultancy Our Service

What They're Saying.

We are always pleased with the service we receive from the DarkZero Networks team. We signed up a couple months ago and have requested assistance on several support issues. We signed up with their service and have been extremely happy with the product. We researched DarkZero Networks along with many other for our Company and they had 99% of what we needed in our business.

Walter Pinto
Walter Pinto Business Consultant @ The Property Lounge

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